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Girls Grades 4-8

The Youth Travel Program is for girls who are aspiring varsity high school athletes. Our coaching staff is comprised of division I & III collegiate athletes who have played at the highest level. When an athlete accepts a team placement with Verve Lacrosse, they are committing to a full year membership and are committing to attend 90% of the practices and 100% of the tournaments.

2023/24 full year season includes:


Grad Year 2031-2028

  • FALL/WINTER SEASON September - mid December

    • 10-13 weekend practices on Sundays​ at Mitty High School

      • Practice times will be announced in the team placement email following tryouts​

    • 2 Tournaments

    • 4 Goalie specific training sessions

  • SUMMER SEASON June - July

    • 2x per week practices at Mitty High School

    • 3 Tournaments

    • 2 Goalie specific training sessions


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