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Player Expectations

  • Arrive to practice prepared and on time

  • Attend all practices and tournaments

  • Wear practice pinny to every practice

  • Show respect to coaches

  • Show respect to parents (or guardians)

  • Work on stick skills away from Verve practice


Parent Expectations

  • INTEGRITY - Live up to the high ideal of ethics and sportsmanship and encourage your child to pursue greatness with integrity.  Do what’s right even when it’s unpopular or personally costly.


  • SIDELINE CONDUCT - We ask that parents exhibit self control - and do not fight or show excessive displays of anger or frustration. There is no side line coaching allowed. 


  • RESPECT FOR COACHES - If there are any questions regarding an athlete’s playing time, or positioning, it is the players responsibility to find an appropriate time to discuss with their coach.  We ask that parents allow their child this growth in maturity and respect the expertise and experience of our coaching staff. 


  • RESPECT FOR OFFICIALS - Treat game officials with respect. Don’t complain or argue about calls during or after the game. 

Playing Time


Verve Lacrosse believes that playing time during games is a critical factor in the development of individual players. Games provide playing conditions that can be simulated, but not reproduced, in a training environment. Lack of playing time during games inevitably limits a player’s ability to improve technically and tactically.


At the same time, Verve Lacrosse does not believe that players on its competitive teams should receive equal amounts of playing time during games without regard to certain factors. Playing time will be at the discretion of the coach and determined by the following:

• Commitment to attend (and arrive on time for) practices and games

• Effort, attitude, and behavior in practice and in games 

• Technical and tactical ability

• Ability to work/play well with teammates 

Under no circumstances is it appropriate for a parent or family member to approach a coach about playing time during competition or at a tournament.

Membership Fees

  • A minimum number of practices

  • Tournament entry fee

  • Coaches pay and coaches travel

  • Insurance (US Lacrosse)

  • Field space and equipment

  • Skills & Agility sessions

  • Goalie specific training

What is NOT covered

Uniforms, practice pinny, personal equipment, meals, transportation of any kind, rental cars, or hotel rooms for tournaments.

Refunds & Cancellations

All fees are non-refundable.

Financial Aid 

We never want financial burden to get in the way of a player being able to play lacrosse. Please email to receive a financial aid application. 



All Verve Lacrosse Members MUST be current members of USA Lacrosse. Please go to to look up your member number or to sign up. 



Players involved in Verve camps and travel teams will need the appropriate gear. You can find required Girls and Boys Lacrosse Equipment HERE

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