Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to play lacrosse?

Girls lacrosse stick Lacrosse goggles Molded mouthguard Cleats or turfs

I'm new to lacrosse, what exactly should I buy?

GOGGLES Youth (U8/U10): STX 4Sight + Youth Girl's Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle ($29.99) U12-HS: STX 4Sight Focus Ti Titanium Women's Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle - NAVY ($84.99) or STX 4Sight Form LE All Black Women's Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle - BLACK ($99.99) LACROSSE STICKS Beginner Sticks: STX Crux 100 Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick ($49.99) Intermediate Sticks: STX Crux 300 Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick ($109.99) Advanced Sticks: STX Crux 600 10 Degree Composite Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick ($219.99) LACROSSE SHOES Turf Cleats: New Balance Draw White Women's Lacrosse Turf Cleats ($64.95) Grass Cleats: New Balance Rush LX White Lacrosse Cleats ($69.95) MOUTH GUARDS Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard with Case ($17.99) SISU NextGen Aero 1.6 Adult Mouthguard ($24.99) Shock Doctor Ultra Double Braces Black Mouthguard ($34.99) STARTER KIT STX Exult 200 Girl's Starter Set Pack - includes goggles, stick and stick bag ($79.99) These are purely recommendations, please feel free to purchase different equipment.

Where can I buy equipment?

Lacrosse equipment can be bought at most sporting good stores. Lacrosse specific stores are the best option. Lacrosse Fanatic Sport Stop Big 5

Do you accept all skill levels?

Yes, Verve welcomes all skill levels. Our "tryout" is a placement process and we will NOT cut any players.

Does Verve have an attendance policy?

Verve Lacrosse players are strongly encouraged to regularly attend all practices & tournament games. Practice attendance contributes to the development of individual skills and overall team concepts. Our coaches come from all over the Bay Area to work with our teams so it is important that we value their time and commitment.

Is there a difference between boys and girls sticks?

The short answer is yes.
Boys’ lacrosse stick heads have a deep pocket to catch the ball and carry it. The defensive sticks are longer and often harder to handle. Girls’ sticks are typically all one length, regardless of field position, and have a more shallow pocket that allows for quick ball movement and faster release.

What equipment is recommended for youth goalies?

HELMET We recommend a STX or Cascade helmet for the best protection. Cascade comes in a one-size-fits-all model, with an Adult and Youth option. STX comes in S/M and L/XL. We recommend investigating these IN PERSON if possible. STX Brand: Rival (Adult Helmet); Stallion 100 (Youth Helmet). Cascade Brand: S, R (Adult Helmet); CPV-R (Youth Helmet). CHEST PROTECTOR It is important that the chest protector fits properly. We recommend finding a men's version that comes in a Small. Any chest protector that fits properly will work; however, some options are the STX Shield 100, Brine Eraser II, Brine King Superlight Chest Pad, and Warrior Nemesis Chest Pad. Proper fit:

  • Not overly bulky in the shoulder area
  • Fits around the waist
  • You can make goalie movements without it shifting
GLOVES All high school goalies should be wearing a glove with thumb protection (goalie specific). Youth can get away with non-goalie thumbs. Most girls will be a size 12" but bigger hands may be a size 13". Recommended Gloves: Brine King, Warrior Nemesis, Maverick Max, STX Shield 500, and Epoch Intrgra. STICK Heads: STX Eclipse, Warrior Nemesis 2. Shafts: A goalie shaft should be light and cut down so the full stick is 48"-50". We recommend using a men's attack shaft so you don't have to cut anything down. LEG PADDING Goalies are required to wear leg padding, but there are no specific requirements for how much or how little. Experienced goalies recommend wearing a football girdle with soccer shinguards, but anything similar to lacrosse specific pants and field hockey shinguards is okay. Wearing catcher/ice hockey leg pads, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. may limit mobility.

What are the rules of Girls' Lacrosse?

US Lacrosse Girls' Rules